Hi and welcome to Palooza Boston Terriers,

My name is Ruth Rauherz, the Palooza gang and I are based in Sunrise/Florida, Marbella/Spain and in Vienna-/Austria.

Rocket is my first Boston Terrier, my heart dog, my very special girl. She introduced us to this wonderful breed, the moment I saw her I was hooked, this breed is just perfect for my family and we are very passionate about it.

Palooza Bostons Terriers was founded in 2008 when I added my first show prospect, Lotta, to our family.
Here at Palooza´s I strive to breed for sound dogs - temperament, health and looks, it´s a total package. My dogs will be tested for luxating patella, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, hemivertebrae, genetic eye defects, juvenile cataract, and heart problems.

I hope you enjoy all the pics of my pups! Check back often as I will update my website regularly with more pics and info on my dogs and the breed!