Rocket, Apple and Clara in Fall Fashion Edition



Jill in Best In Show Annual



Hoss in Best In Show Annual


Hoss and his kids were featured in Showsight September '12




Jill in Best In Show, fall '12


Edna - Number 1 Boston All Breeds July 2012


Hoss, Dog News July 2012

Hoss, article in Best In Show Daily


Hoss, ad


Matt, catalogue ad Houston Specialty



Jill & Matt - 1st edition of Best In Show Magazine


Dogs In Review Article April 2012 about Westminster


Matt and Hoss ShowSight April 2012



Matt was featured on and



Matt's ad in Dogs in Review ....Top Dogs Edition 2012



Hoss in Dogs in Review January 2012



Matt in ShowSight January 2012


Jill and Matt in HotDog Annual 2011


Apple, album cover shoot for Coralee



"E Bostons Oct/November 2011" - Jill & Tini


appearances in the magazine


Jill's "E Bostons" ad


Matt's "E Bostons cover and ad Aug/Sept 2011"


Ben´s cover and ad "E Boston Terriers Nov/Dec 2010"


Ben "HotDog 04/2010, European Dog Show article"


"Honden Manieren 02/2010"


Ben in Ante Lučin's ad


"Dogs in Review May 2011"


Ben & Goody


Rocket in "Essential Magazine"