2011... What a ride!
We finished our first bred by, Palooza's Atomic Betty, Jill scored two all breed Best in Shows and finished as Austria's number 1 Boston, Matt finished as the number 1 owner handled and the number 3 Boston Terrier in the US, Hoss finished as the number 2 after winning Eukanuba, we won more than just a few specialties and groups and Lotta had a beautiful litter of 3 puppies. What more could we ask for?
Happy new year to everyone!
31/12/2011   Jill and Matt in HotDog Annual 2011 and Matt in ShowSight January 2012. - see more in the Media
17/12/2011   A day to remember: Hoss wins Eukanuba!!! What an honor! ...and what a year for this boy, winning the two most prestigious shows in the US, Eukanuba and Westminster.
04/12/2011   Goody´s daughter, Quiggins Party Girl Waka Waka, takes CACIB both days at the international show in Wels/Austria. Palooza´s Atomic Betty takes R.CACIB, MacKenzie was injured one day and Best Junior the other. What a nice show, met Palooza´s Bee Loved Bee and Palooza´s Chocolate Chew again, and had a good time! Merry Christmas everyone!
26/11/2011   Great day for KC´s Cobalt Energy at the prestigious Amsterdam Winner Show. She takes BOB under honorable judge, Andrew H. Brace, and finishes her Dutch champion title in style going BOB at the Leeuwarden show, at the Dogachtigen Specialty (the biggest Molosser Specialty in the world) and the Amsterdam Winner Show! Thanks Cats for handling her to these great results in yet another country. This is Jill´s 12th champion title this year, not counting the numerous winner titles.
19/11/2011   Matt received his invitation for Westminster 2012. He is currently the Number 3 Boston Terrier in the US, and the only owner handled dog in the Top 5! We feel honored about this 3rd place, currently only beaten by Galileo (Gumbo-Kena´s Cosmic Stargazer) and the one and only Hoss (Ken´s N´ Roobarbs N´ The Horse Ya Rode In On). Looking forward to our trip to New York!!!
13/11/2011   only good news from across the ocean every weekend: Matt and Adrienne take BOB under honorable judge Wendy Paquette in Salisbury/Maryland and on Saturday Select Dog under judge Alfred Ferruggiaro. Well done again!
06/11/2011   Adrienne and Matt kicked some butt this weekend: Matt took BOB all 4 days and scored a Group 4 on Thursday and and a Group 2 on Saturday. Competition in Group was stiff as always in this area, so we´re super happy about these placements. Congrats also to Adrienne for finishing Dawny!
30/10/2011   What an awesome weekend for Matt and Adrienne in Atlanta: Matt took BOS at the Greater Atlanta Specialty, BOB went to Linda Martin´s wonderful girl from the classes. Huge congrats, Linda, what a fantastic win!
Then at the two all breed shows in Marietta he took Breed both days, finishing off with a Group 3 on Sunday.
23/10/2011   ...and yet another great show for Kati and Jill: BOB at the Dogachting Show in the Netherlands! Well done!
23/10/2011   Goody's daughter Quiggins Party Girl Waka Waka, bred by Igor Mioc and owned by Mehira Memetowitsch, won Best Junior In Show in Baden-Baden/Germany. Congrats on this nice win!
16/10/2011   We have a new Bundessieger 2011! Kati Wilke handles Jill to BOS both days in Dortmund under judges Falk Siewert and Ferdi Dickmann ! Great job, ladies!
08/10/2011   Great day for Palooza at CACIB Rostock: KC´s Cobalt Energy brings home the ribbon for BOB and made the cut in Group and Burlesk Gets A Kick Outta You finishes his German Junior Champion. Big thanks as always to Kati Wilke for handling them!
02/10/2011   GrCh Fiveforks Geometry Matters at Kayas takes Breed again under judge Donna J. Buxton at Old Dominion KC. On Saturday he was Select Dog under Kenneth A. Buxton. Congrats on a great show weekend, Adrienne!
25/09/2011   Palooza´s Atomic Betty wins her first CAC in Austria, Palooza´s A Coffee Buzz gets the CAC and R.CACIB. Spent a lovely day with friends and some Palooza puppies and met my sweet little Bee again. Thanks everyone for the great time!
17/09/2011   Palooza´s Atomic Betty finishes in Croatia! Thanks to judges Mrs. Selimovic, Mrs. Urek, Mr. Cekic and Mr. Simon for the CACs in Croatia. Palooza´s Atomic Betty is our first homebred champion and also Ben and Lotta´s first champion kid. We´re so pleased with how she´s turned out!
11/09/2011   Burlesk Gets A Kick Outta You Palooza, aka MacKenzie, starts his show career with a bang, winning Best Junior both days in Recklinghausen/Germany, on Saturday he takes Best in ShRakijarnica, RujanfestRakijarnica, RujanfestRakijarnica, Rujanfestow Junior 3 and on Sunday R.Best In Show Junior!!!!! We´re so happy, he showed extremely well and Cats did a fantastic job as always!
04/09/2011   ...and another BOB for Matt at the Raleigh shows.....Adrienne´s female, Kayas Twisted Sister, aka Jewel, takes BOS also, so this was a very happy day for the Kayas gang! Would´ve loved to see your face, A.!
03/09/2011   Fivefork´s Geometry Matters at Kayas takes Breed at the Raleigh KC show, expertly handled by Adrienne Hullender as always!
04/09/2011   Goody´s daughter, Campbell Clans Red, White and Boom! finishes in the States with yet another major. She´s Goody´s first champion kid! Congrats, Sandi and Danielle! We´re so proud of you!!!
04/09/2011   Cats handles KC´s Cobalt Energy to yet another BOB, this time at CAC Leeuwarden/Netherlands held in conjunction with the Euro Dog Show, Jill is now pointed in the Netherlands. At the Euro Dog Jill takes R.CACIB (VICE EUROPEAN WINNER) only beaten by Nemanja Jovanovich´s bitch who later took Breed. Congrats to all the winners! Thanks for the fantastic handling, Cats!
03/09/2011   Sandie Friend welcomes a litter out of Matt and Gidget. 4males, 1 female, mom and pups are doing fine! Congrats, Sandie!
14/08/2011   ...and another BOB for Matt under Mrs. Anitra Cuneo, great weekend all in all!
13/08/2011   BOB for Matt at Carolin KC under judge Mr. Cunningham, beating a few nice specials. Congrats, Adrienne and MattMatt!
12/08/2011   BOS for Matt at Carolina Kennel Club under Mrs. Virginia L. Lyne, only beaten by the one and only Shine´s Cupid Dolly.
08/08/2011   Kati and Jill are back from the Black Sea Winner Show circuit. ....and what a week it has been for them! 2x all breed BIS, 1x all breed R.BIS, 4x Best of Group, 2x Group 2, a few shortlists in Group and 12x BOB and 5x CACIB. These results will make history at Palooza and can probably never be topped or repeated. Many, many thanks to Mr. Cristian Stefanescu, Mr. Rafael Malo Alcrudo, Mr. Claudio de Giuliani, Mr. Denis Kuzelj, Mr. Nemanja Jovanovic, Mr. Zaza Omarov and Mrs. Dagmar Klein for placing Jill in Group and Best In Show! It really means the world to us! We´ll definitely be back next year!
07/08/2011   Goody´s daughter, Campbell Clans Red, White and Boom!, won her second major and needs only one single to finish her championship! So proud of Granger!!!!
07/08/2011   Matt´s entries for the Tri-Angle Specialty never made it there :(, but his daddy made us proud by going Breed and BISS under judge Sandra Goose Allen. Way to go!
02/08/2011   GrCh KC´s Cobalt Energy wins an ALL BREED BEST IN SHOW at the international show in Constanta/ Romania!!!!
This has been such an unbelievable weekend! Jill started the Black Sea Winner cluster in style going BOB both days in Constanta, Saturday Mr. Francesco Cochetti gave her a Group 2, Sunday she won the Group and then BIS under judge Rafael Malo Alcrudo from Spain.
So many firsts for us this weekend: first BIS at an international show for Kati, first time one of my dogs places in Group on two consecutive days, first time we showed under Mr. Alcrudo, first time a Palooza Boston finishes a Grand Champion title undefeated and with three Group placements.
Jill is still undefeated in Romania and finished her Champion and Grand Champion title with fantastic results: 4 shows, 4 CACIBs, 4 BOBs, 1x shortlist in Group, 2 Group 2´s, 1 BOG and 1 BIS!!!!!
I can´t thank Kati enough for everything she´s accomplished with Jill in just a few months. Thanks also to Jill´s breeder, Karen Bogenholm, for her trust in Palooza. ...and big thanks to the judges who have been part of this incredible success story and who´ve recognized Jill´s qualities in the Group ring: Cristian Stefanescu, Francesco Cochetti, Rafael Malo Alcrudo, Chie Ejima and Karin Voye....and the many others who gave her Breed in the last five months.
24/07/2011   ...and a 3rd BOB for Matt this weekend at Nita-Nee KC, this was his 10th BOB in just 3 weekends. What a ride!!!
24/07/2011   Ch KC´s Cobalt Energy and Kati Wilke are back on track taking BOB at the Golden Trophy show in Liege/Belgium under judge Jasna Matejcic. ...and great news from Johanna and Lotti: JCh Palooza´s A Chocolate Chew takes BOS at CACIB Augsburg in Germany under Peter Machetanz.
23/07/2011   Yet another BOB for Matt at Nita-Nee KC. Thank you so much, Sandie Friend, for handling our boy!
22/07/2011   Matt´s babies are here! Kayas Champagne Ballyhoo gave birth to 3 males and 3 females. Congrats, Adrienne!
21/07/2011   GrCh Fiveforks Geometry Matters at Kayas, aka the MattMan, takes BOB again at the Nittany show, he then went on to win a Group 4!!!!! Rock´n´Roll!!!!
    Meet Matt´s son Otto, aka CMC Son of Anarchy at Kayas! He looks so much like his daddy, and he´s black and white! :)
16/07/2011   Jill and Kati are back from a very funny show in Szombathely/Hungary: Judge Monique van Brempt kicked Jill out of the ring with a "very good" calling her a "disaster". Interesting! ...but it was a super happy weekend for me anyway, because I got to meet my Emil again, Palooza´s A Coffee  Buzz. He´s out of Devil Mountains Cherry Garcia and Babs A Whole Lotta Love and has turned into a gorgeous young male. Thanks for the great time, Britta, Bernd, Daniel and Fredi! You made my day!
09/07/2011   Kati Wilke does the impossible and handles KC´s Cobalt Energy to BOS at the Paris Specialty held in conjunction with the World Dog Show. Who would've thought?! Thanks to judge Tamas Jakkel from Hungary for recognizing Jillie´s qualities amongst this huge line up of gorgeous females. This is a huge win for us! Congrats also to Beccy Smith and Hobie for taking BOB.
10/07/2011   BOB number 4 this weekend for Matt at the National Capital Kennel Club show. Thanks judge Anne K. Catterson! This was Matt´s 7th Breed win in the last two weekends!!!
09/07/2011   BOB number 3 at the Marlboro Kennel Club show under judge Lawrence J. Sinclair. Matt makes the cut for best dogs in Group also.
08/07/2011   BOB number 2 at the Northeastern Maryland Kennel Club show under judge Alfred J. Feruggiaro. Matt then won a Group 4 under judge Mr. Zimmerman. Way to go, MattMan!
07/07/2011   BOB number 1 this weekend for Adrienne and Matt, BISS GrCh Fiveforks Geometry Matters at Kayas at the Catoctin Kennel Club show, judge was Mr. David Doane. Well done, A. adn Matt!
03/07/2011   ...and GrCh. Fiveforks Geometry Matters at Kayas scores another BOB at the Rock Creek Kennel Club Show, this time under judge Ralph Ambrosio.
02/07/2011   Another BOB for Adrienne and Matt under judge Denise van Driessen at the Southern Maryland Kennel Club Show. ...but Matt wasn´t finished that day and went on to win a Group 4. Rockstar!!!
01/07/2011   Adrienne and Matt take Breed under judge Robert. Forsyth at the Bel Alton shows.
03/07/2011   Johanna and Lotti, JCh Palooza´s A Chocolate Chew, take BOB in Germany. Lotti is now pointed in Austria and Gemany. Congrats, Johanna!
25/06/2011   CAC Gospic/Croatia, Goody´s daughter, Quiggins Piece of Puzzle, takes Junior BOB, BOB, BOG 3 and JBIS 3 at her first show! Puzzle was bred by Igor Mioc and is owned by Kristina Subasic. What a nice show debut! Congrats to everyone involved!
19/06/2011   Ch KC´s Cobalt Energy and Cats did really well again at the Double CACIB Klagenfurt in Austria. Jill took BOS on Saturday and then BOB on Sunday under judge Jasna Matejic/Croatia. Thanks for handling Jillie, Cats!
12/06/2011   Matt, GrCh Fiveforks Geometry Matters at Kayas, goes BOS both days at the Richmond shows, only beaten by Shine´s Cupid Dolly who went on to win the Group and BIS!!! This is such a fantastic accomplishment for a Boston, my heartfelt congratulations to Johnny, Pat and Dolly and Dolly´s breeder Shine! Way to go! What a day for the Boston breed!
05/06/2011   The Paloobies are here!!!!! Lotta gave birth to three puppies, 2 males and 1 female. Mom and puppies are doing fine. Please see puppy page for more pics!
04/06/2011   Matt´s win pic form the Reno Specialty has arrived. Don´t we all look happy that he won another BISS right before the Nationals?
04/06/2011   Palooza has a new champion!!! Goody, MCh Campbell Clans Mr. Goody Two Shoes, finished in Slovakia. I haven´t been in the ring with my Bubba for a while now, so I´m very happy that he showed so well for me.
30/05/2011   Matt, GrCh Fiveforks Geometry Matters at Kayas, takes Breed once again at the Memorial Day cluster. Such a grand weekend for Matt and Adrienne, she also put points on her female Dawn, so everyone was very happy!
29/05/2011   Jillie Millie takes Breed once again in Germany at the national show in Zschepkau under judge Elfriede Heidecker. Thanks for handling Jillie to yet another win, Cats! ...and Palooza's Atomic Betty, aka Tini, wins the CAC in Hrusica under judge, Miroslav Zidar, and is now half way through her Slovenian championship. Matt wins Select Dog in the States, so we had a great weekend again!
Palooza's Atomic Betty, aka Tini @ CAC Hrusica & CAC Brod
28/05/2011   GrCh Fiveforks Geometry Matters at Kayas, aka Matt, goes BOS at the Hampton show. Palooza´s Atomic Betty takes another CAC towards her Croatian title under Mrs. Selimovic. Thanks for your hospitality Majk, it was nice meeting you again!
26/05/2011   Adrienne handles Matt (GrCh Fiveforks Geometry Matters at Kayas) to yet another BOB at the Hampton show. Go, team Matt!!!
28/05/2011   Jill takes Breed again at CACIB Slazburg in Austria. Thanks to honorable judge, Karin Bernardis/Austria and to Kati Wilke for handling her!
15/05/2011   What a great weekend for Palooza: Kati Wilke handles Ch KC´s Cobalt Energy to BOB at the Spring Duodanube Bratislava under judge Francesco Cochetti/Italy and then gets shortlisted in Group under judge Chan Wen Who/Malaysia. The following day Jill takes BOB and then BEST OF GROUP 3 under judge Chie Ejima/Japan. Thanks again for everything, Cats, it´s always a pleasure to watch you and Jillie in the ring!
Jillie Millie is our new VDH European Winner. Kati Wilke handles her to CAC, CACIB, BOS under judge Francesco Cochetti/Italy at the VDH European Winner Show in Dortmund. Well done, ladies!
    ...and Palooza´s Atomic Betty receives her first point in Slovenia by placing BOS at CACIB Maribor under Natasa Blanusa/Croatia.
Jillie Millie @ VDH European Winner
Betty @ CACIB Maribor
01/05/2011   My girls did it again: Kati Wilke handles Jillie to two BOBs and a BOG 2 at the Central Eastern European Cup under judges Cristian Stefanescu and Chan Weng Who. Great job, Cats! Jill is now finished in Romania.
01/05/2011   Matt, GrCh Fiveforks Geometry Matters at Kayas, wins Select Dog both days at the Maryland Specialty (judges: Denise van Driesen and Jacqueline Stacy). Entries were huge, over 140 dogs on Saturday and over 70 on Sunday.
Well done, team Matt!
23/04/2011   Sandie Friend handles Matt, GrCh Fiveforks Geometry Matters at Kayas, to another BOB and then a BOG 2 at the Timonium Show in Maryland under judge Jack H. Ireland. Well done, Sandie and Matt! Yay!
  Back from the BTCA Nationals in Reno! I wanted to thank everyone for making this year´s National a very memorable week for me. I´ve again met some of the nicest Boston people and some of my dearest friends and I miss you all. Thanks for the great time!
  BTCA National Specialty: Matt wins an AOM at the Nationals. I can´t believe Adrienne and Matt pulled this off! So happy!!! What a wonderful week!
  Golden Gate Specialty/Reno Nevada: Matt, GrCh Fiveforks Geometry Matters at Kayas, does it again and beats 243 Bostons taking BOB at the Golden Gate Specialty. I couldn´t be prouder of Adrienne, who owner handled him to this HUGE win. Go, girl!
I´ve fallen in love with this dog when I first laid eyes on him and although I know that he´s gorgeous I never thought that it would be possible for an owner handled dog to win two of the most important Specialties in the States (New York before Westminster and Golden Gate before the Nationals). ...but Adrienne and Matt prove over an over again that they´re the best team. I wish Adrienne lots of succes with Matt Man and I hope we´ll be able to continue his successful career in Europe in the future. Can´t wait till he comes over! Thanks also to his breeders, Judy Queitzsch and Ronda Whitson, you´ve done so well with just a few litters and I´m so glad I´ve met both of you in person now! Thanks for the wonderful talks and fun time!
  CACIB Wieselburg/Austria: At the Austrian Club Specialty Jillie Millie does it again and takes Breed for her third BISS in a row under judge Friederike Kappacher/Austria. Goody, MCh Campbell Clans Mr. Goody Two Shoes, goes BOS for his last CAC to finish his Austrian title and for his last CACIB to finish his FCI international champion title. Great job, Cats!

  CACIB Berlin/Germany: at the Club Show Berlin Jillie Millie, Ch. KC´s Cobalt Energy, wins yet another Breed out of open class, second Specialty win in a row! Thanks to judge, Seamus Oates, for Jillie´s second BOB.
...but Jill and Cats weren´t finished and proceeded to win the Group!!!! Jillie is the first Boston female to ever win the Group at an international show in Germany. Thanks to judge Karin Voye/Germany for making this dream come true for us! ...and huge thanks to Cats for everything she´s accomplished with Jill in such a short time! You´re the best, Cats!
  CACIB Munich/Germany: at the German Club Specialty Cats and Jillie, Ch. KC´s Cobalt Energy, take their first BOB out of open class. Thanks to honorable judge Cristian Stefanescu/Romania for recognizing Jillie´s qualities.
  Back from Crufts! We spent a super nice weekend at Crufts, met many old and new friends and had a great time. Thanks Cats, Clint, Camilla, Olga, Gerry, and everyone I´ve met.....!
  CACIB Graz/Austria: Kati Wilke handles Jill, Ch. KC´s Cobalt Energy, to her first CAC, CACIB, BOS under judge Elfriede Heidecker/Austria.
  Back from Westminster! Thanks everyone for the warm welcome and the great time at the New York Metro Specialties and Westminster. Matt, Ch. Fiveforks Geometry Matters at Kayas, exceeded all our expectations taking Breed at the New York Metro Specialty. I´m so proud of Adrienne for owner handling him to his first BISS win. (That necklace was well deserved!) Big congrats also to Ronda Whitson for going BOS with Bubbles, Ch. Fiveforks Bubbles and Bangles, and to Elaine Mauldin for going Best in Sweeps with Jake.
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