18/12/2012   Hoss' daughter Edna, Gunther's Gussied Up Edna, finishes the year as the Number 1 Boston Terrier all systems, Hoss came in second. Very proud and happy about what Hoss and his kids have accomplished in 2012!
17/12/2012   Hoss' kids did really well at the Eukanuba show in Florida: Rush, Ken's N' PeJa's A Horse of Course, wins the first Award of Merit, and the 4th Award of Merit went to Rudy, Ken's Rude Awakening.
16/12/2012:   Two Hoss sons finished in Orlando this week, out of 24 puppies 15 are AKC champions now. Congrats everyone!
09/12/2012   Palooza's Bee-Loved Bee takes the CAC on Saturday and CAC, CACIB, BOS on Sunday! Congrats Johanna!
25/11/2012   Back home from a great show in Talavera/Spain. The day before the international show the Boston Terrier Club of Spain hosted its second Specialty. Thanks to the organizers for inviting me to judge. It was great fun and I was happy to see so many nice Bostons, the breed has come a long way in Spain in just a couple of years. Best of luck to the Spanish Club for their future endeavors!
05/11/2012   Hoss' daughter Edna is on a roll: 3x Group 1 for her at the cluster last weekend. We couldn't be more thrilled for Brook and Edna! Many dreams have come true for team Edna this year and we hope the best is yet to come!
01/11/2012   Edna is featured on the cover of Dogs In Review, October 2012!
30/10/2012   Hoss' son, Mauldin's Carolina Moonshine takes a Group 1 in Marietta. Yet another Hoss kid surpassing all our expectations!!!
29/10/2012   Hoss' daughter, Sugar aka Ken's N' Candar's Spoon Full Of Sugar, BOB and a group 3 from the classes. Another Hoss daughter is on the roll....
14/10/2012   Back from CACIB Koper with our new Slovenian and International Champion, Palooza's Atomic Betty. We enjoyed a spa weekend at hotel Kempinski Portoroz and visited lake Bled. Slovenia is a wonderful place!
14/10/2012   Hoss wins yet another Group! Thanks to Dottie Adkins for bringing out the best in him!
14/10/2012   Hoss' daughter, Edna, wins a Group 2 both days in Mason City! Way to go!
08/10/2012   Another Best in Show for Hoss' daughter, Edna!!!!!!! Thanks to Mr. George Boulton for breed and a group 1 and to judge Mrs. Monica Canestrini for Best in Show! Edna is still the only Boston Terrier to win an AKC Best in Show this year, she is also the only Boston female to win two BIS in this century! We are more than happy about Hoss' kids, he is fantastic producer!
07/10/2012   Back from the Euro Dog Show in Bucharest with our Vice European Winner, BIS MBISS MCh KC's Cobalt Energy. We had a great time, the hospitality in Romania was amazing!
02/10/2012   The fall edition of Best In Show is out! Enjoy! BEST IN SHOW ONLINE EDITION
30/09/2012   We have a new Austrian champion!!! Ch Palooza's Atomic Betty finished in Tulln in a minimum of 4 shows going BOB under judge Mag. Bregenzer. She's now Bundessiegerin 2012 and qualified for Crufts 2013.
Winning the Bundessieger show with a homebred dog is now off my bucket list, another goal accomplished. We had a fun time, thanks everyone for cheering for us in group!
30/09/2012   Hoss wins the group under judge Luis Sosa! Way to go!
10/09/2012   ...and yet another Hoss daughter finished in the US: Tula, aka Bam's Bostons Cute As A Button. Congrats to her owner Bobbi Munson!
09/09/2012   BEST IN SHOW for Hoss' daughter, Gunther's Gussied Up Edna!!!!! Finally!!!!! Edna has won so many groups and a R.BIS already and now she's finally won the big trophy at Des Moines KC. Edna is the first Boston Terrier in 2012 to win an AKC Best in Show. We are more than proud of Hoss' wonderful get. Congrats to Brook and Edna!
08/09/2012   Hoss' son, Ch Ken's N' PeJa's A Horse Of Course, wins his first specialty. Rush is one of my favorite Bostons of all times and I'm absolutely thrilled with this win!
26/08/2012   Hoss' daughter Edna did it: BOB, Best of Group and R. Best In Show at St. Croix Valley KC!!!! Way to go, Edna! Heartfelt congratulations from everyone at Palooza!
20/08/2012   Palooza's Chick Magnet, aka Haze, so happy about how this puppy is developing. I can't thank Gerry enough for MacKenzie as he has produced an outstanding litter for us!
20/08/2012   We have a new Leipzig Junior Winner, congrats to Johanna and Palooza's Bee Loved Bee!
20/08/2012   Hoss places 3rd in Group twice this weekend. Great job, Dottie and Hoss!
19/08/2012   Hoss' daughter Edna wins two back to back Group 1's. Way to go, Edna!
11/08/2012   Freida, aka Ken's Free To Do As She Wants, scores a five point major at the Milwaukee Boston Terrier Specialty going WB and BOW, she was also Best Puppy in Sweeps. Edna takes BOB at the morning show. A great day for two Hoss daughters!
10/08/2012   Thank you to Joan Lester for giving Hoss his 19th Best In Specialty Show today at the Milwaukee Boston Terrier Club.
31/07/2012   Hoss' daughter Edna, Gunther's Gussied Up Edna, is still on top, finishing july as the number 1 Boston All Breeds. Congrats Brook and Edna!
10/07/2012   My favorite Hoss kid: Ken's N' PeJa's A Horse of Course, finished in Dallas going best of breed from the classes. Congrats to Ken and Peggy! He's just amazing!
04/06/2012   Meet Sunny, a puppy from Victoria Wilt's breeding out of GiGi and Max, a linebreeding on Hoss. Love this girl!
03/06/2012   Matt takes breed both days this weekend in Virginia!
30/05/2012   Specialty win number 17 for Hoss!!!!! Yay! Thank you, judge Rodney Merry!
28/05/2012   Awesome news from the US this weekend: Matt has his first champion kid!!!! Kayas Genetics Matter, aka Genie, bred by Adrienne Hullender and now owned by Helen Dunning finished in just a few shows. Congratulations to Helen and Genie, what a fast ride!
19/05/2012   World Dog Show Salzburg: So proud of all my dogs, Fiveforks' Geometry Matters at Kayas was awarded Vice World Winner under judge Kari Järvinen from Finland, KC's Cobalt Energy scored a 3rd place in champion class and my homebred, Palooza's Bee Loved Bee, first time out in junior class placed 3rd also. We had a great time with old and new friends and enjoyed the city of Salzburg! Thanks, Adrienne, for coming over to show Matt in Austria!
13/05/2012   Back from the Boston Terrier Nationals in Houston. We had a wonderful time, special thanks to everyone I've met for making this a week to remember for me. So nice to meet up with good friends again and spend an entire week watching this wonderful breed!
Our results weren't bad either: Matt took BOB at the Houston Specialty on Monday, his 4th Specialty win this year, then on Tuesday he went BOS, and at the National Specialty he got an AOM.
    Matt's son, Kayas Winning Matters To Me, owned by Sherry Colliatie was Best American Bred at the Nationals.
    ...and the Hoss kids did extremely well too: Best of Opposite to Grand Futurity was Gch CH Heartbeat's Horseplay, owned by Vicki Wilt, Ken Roux and Julia Smith Carter.
    Best of Opposite to Best Puppy in Futurity was Ken's N' Peja's A Horse Of Course, owned by Ken Roux.
    Best Junior in Futurity also went to Gch CH Heartbeat's Horseplay. Last but not least Hoss' daughter Edna, Gunther's Gussied Up Edna, won Boston Terrier of the Year!!!!
    We couldn't be more thrilled about these results as Hoss proves himself over and over again in the litter box.
08/05/2012   Hoss takes breed and a Group 3. Woohoo!!!
02/05/2012   Matt's a dad again: Ch Katbird's You Should Be Dancin' gave birth to 2 males and 3 females. Congrats to Breezy and Kathryn Graves! Picture shows Breezy and Kathryn at Westminster 2012.
28/04/2012   Puppies are here! Ch Palooza's Atomic Betty and JrCh Burlesk Gets A Kick Outta You welcome 4 healthy puppies, 3 males and 1 female, free whelped. Mom and babies are doing fine.
23/04/2012   Another successful cluster show for Matt: 4 shows, 4x BOB for the MattMan and shortlisted in Group on Saturday! He's so hot right now!
His daughter, Kayas Genetics Matter, won her second major and BOS on Monday, great weekend for Kayas!
23/04/2012   Matt's a dad again: Westminster winner, Ch Anchor N Tarbay's Nautical Storm, had one baby girl. With two Westminster winning parents, what can go wrong?
21/04/2012   Kati and Jill clean up again: three more titles for Jillie, FCI International Champion, German Champion VDH and German Club Champion! Way to go ladies! Jill has 17 champion titles so far, what an amazing show girl! She's finished all her open championships now except for Belgium and Slovakia. Couldn't be happier about what she has achieved in only one year of showing in Europe!
15/04/2012   Kati Wilke handles Jill to yet another title. Today she finished her in Sweden at the Sundsvall show. Congrats to my wonderful team!
14/04/2012   Specialty win number 3 this year for Matt: He beat over 70 Bostons at the Maryland Specialty and adds another BISS to the list! Way to go, Adrienne and Matt Matt! Thanks to honorable breeder judge, Michael Staley, for recognising our boy's qualities! 
31/03/2012   Breed statistics are in and my boys are both on top: Hoss finsihed as the number 1 and Matt as the number 2 in the US. Couldn't be prouder! Thanks to Adrienne and Dottie for handling our boys to all these huge achievements every month!
28/03/2012   Goody's daughter, Quiggins Party Girl Waka Waka, gave birth to three beautiful daughters. Waka and the babies are doing fine. Congratulations, Mehira, on your A-Team!
26/03/2012   Rocket celebrates her 7th birthday today! Happy, happy birthday, Rockstar, here's to many more years with you!
25/03/2012   Hoss went BOB under honorable breeder judge Chad Howard at the Vallejo show in California. Perfect weekend all in all!
25/03/2012   Great news as always from Adrienne and Matt: Matt took breed 4 out of 5 shows last weekend in North Carolina and then scored a Group 3 on Sunday. Hoss'  son Jake went BOB on Saturday and Matt took Select.
16/03/2012   Fantastic news: Hoss just won his 15th Best in Specialty Show today under honrable judge James G. Reynolds. What an accomplishment for this boy at only 3 years of age!
12/03/2012   BEST IN SHOW for Ch KC´s Cobalt Energy at CAC Recklinghausen/Germany! Thanks so much to Brigitte Bregenzer and Antonio di Lorenzo for recognising Jill´s qualities and thanks to Jill´s handler, Kati Wilke, who did an amazing job as always!
26/02/2012   We have a new champion! Kati Wilke handles KC´s Cobalt Energy to BOS at the international show in Graz/Austria. Jill ist still undefeated in bitches in Austria, she showed beauitfully today!
Burlesk Gets A Kick Outta You gets the CAC, first time out in the adult classes. Very proud of my gang!
28/02/2012   After the tripple win in New York Matt is currently the number 1 Boston in the US. This is a huge accomplishment for an owner handled dog. Hoss is number 2 after finishing January as the number 1, his daughter Edna finished february as number 1 bitch and number 1 Boston Terrier All Breeds. Huge congratulations to Brook and Edna! What a great start into the new year for both my boys!!!! Matt says: Wohoooooo!!!
22/02/2012   It´s officail, not only is Jill the number 1 Boston in Austria for 2011, she´s also the number 1 bitch in Germany (CBD) for 2011. She was shown on a limited basis in both countries by Kati Wilke! Thanks so much for everything, Cats!
20/02/2012   Matt´s babies at Adrienne´s are growing like weeds, she has 8 boys and 2 girls in total. We´re looking forward to see them grow!
14/02/2012   We have a new Westminster Winner!!!!!!!
    ...but not only did Matt take Breed at the Garden under judge Mr. Beauchamp, he also won both of the New York Metro Specialties under breeder judge Dr. Jim Alexander and Mr. David R. Miller. It was his 3rd specialty win in New York, no Boston has ever done this before, so he will be given the commemorative trophy of the Boston Terrier Club of New York. Hoss won an Award of Merit at the Garden. Not too shabby either!
    I wanna thank Matt´s owner, Adrienne Hullender, for everything she has accomplished with him in 2011, and now owner handling him to these huge wins....2012 starts off even better for our boy! You´re the best, A! Special thanks also to everyone who cheered for Matt in New York, without your support Matt wouldn´t be where he is today. ....last but not least thanks to Mike Kelly for organising the Boston Terrier dinner. We had a blast!
29/01/2012   Matt continues in his winning ways at the Middle Penninsula KC going Breed both days. His daughter Kayas Genetics Matters was Winners Bitch and BOS both days also for her first major. Great weekend for the Kayas gang!
16/01/2012   We start the year where we left off: 2x BOB for Matt at the Fredericksburg shows, he made the cut in Group also on Saturday. Goody's daughter, Quiggins Party Girl Waka Waka, takes BOS at the international show in Nürnberg/Germany.
01/01/2012   Welcome to Palooza's showteam: GrCh Ken's N' Roobarb's N' The Horse Ya Rode In On, aka Hoss. What can I say, I hope the best is yet to come for this special dog. I still can't believe he will be part of Palooza history. Thanks Ken and Vicki for this amazing opportunity!
2011... What a ride!
We finished our first bred by, Palooza's Atomic Betty, Jill scored two all breed Best in Shows and finished as Austria's number 1 Boston, Matt finished as the number 1 owner handled and the number 3 Boston Terrier in the US, Hoss finished as the number 2 after winning Eukanuba, we won more than just a few specialties and groups and Lotta had a beautiful litter of 3 puppies. What more could we ask for?
Happy new year to everyone!
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